Death Penalty

Do you believe in the Death Penalty?


If an individual has been found guilty of murder in the 1st degree, should that individual be allowed to live? I am torn on this one. These individuals that spend YOUR dollars to be in prison for many years after they have committed a horrific crime of murder. Some say having the death penalty deters crime and keeps expense lower. Others will say it is inhuman and worse of all what if the individual was innocent? What do you think? Death Penalty or Not? For more information visit The Death Penalty Information Center.


Favorite Travel Destinations

My top ten places to vacation. Of course there is no formula. Just my non-sense:


1-Hawaiian Cruise

2-Mediterranean Cruise


4-Caribbean Cruise

5-Baltic Cruise

6-Alaskan Cruise

7-South Africa




How did I do?  Anything to add?