Top Ten feelings

I am trying to expand my thought process a bit. This might include sharing some nonsensical thoughts as they come to mind. I hope you don’t mind? Some feelings or related to…


1- Orga.. (fill in the missing letters).

2- Runners high

3- Scratching an itch-( maybe the  inside of the ear with q-tip?)

4- A rush– (A fast ride i.e. roller coaster etc.)

5- Sneezing

6- Feeling of giving

7- Hugs

8- Relief after a moment of being frightened. (maybe your child was out of sight for a few moments and was found, Whew!)

9- Being scared, why I am not certain but we do like to be scared…movies etc.

10- Happiness

Silly? Some yes! Tomorrow my list could change.

Anything to add?


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