Awesome Movie Titles – Wasted

Where does a movie name come from? Shouldn’t these people have the decency to use a title that matches the movie? I think so!  Movies from 1970 to current with a cool title attached to a bad movie. Here are my list of  (7)Awesome Titles Movies – Wasted:

7. Fear (1996) – Not close…waste of a movie.

6. Diabolique (1996) –  Seemed very low budget…Lost a few brain cells watching this movie.

5. The End (1978)-  Wasted the title on a comedy..not near funny.

4.  The Beast (1988)- War movie that was way off!

3. Rage (1972)- An awesome title wasted.

2. Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) – The original movie was so creepy, this was a huge disappointment!

Finally the BIGGEST waste of an awesome name for a movie…

1. Armageddon (1997)- The title of this movie was the only good thing going for it!  When previews of the movie were first released I was thinking of good vs. evil, Satan vs. God.  An Apocalyptic battle with fire, destruction was surely to be included…NOT! This movie was simply a joke that took perhaps the coolest name ever!

What did I miss?