Whats Next?

Does your daily routine start like this?

BUZZZZZZZ!!! <—ALARM!! Shit! time to get up , *yawn, stretch, scratch, itch…drag my ass to the bathroom and step into a shower that starts out cold eventually turning warm through my squeaks. Slowly as my mind clears and moves forward to plan the day out , I put my head down, closed my eyes and wondered…am I going to go through this every day or will I eventually step off this path and find something new? Do I dare dream and reach for these dreams….

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”. ~Barrymore



What is winter to you? Is it it skating, skiing or snowmobiling? Or is It is a long, cold depressing season with nothing to look forward to until the birds start chirping in spring? Well…to some it seems to be the latter. How about you?

Awesome Movie Titles – Wasted

Where does a movie name come from? Shouldn’t these people have the decency to use a title that matches the movie? I think so!  Movies from 1970 to current with a cool title attached to a bad movie. Here are my list of  (7)Awesome Titles Movies – Wasted:

7. Fear (1996) – Not close…waste of a movie.

6. Diabolique (1996) –  Seemed very low budget…Lost a few brain cells watching this movie.

5. The End (1978)-  Wasted the title on a comedy..not near funny.

4.  The Beast (1988)- War movie that was way off!

3. Rage (1972)- An awesome title wasted.

2. Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) – The original movie was so creepy, this was a huge disappointment!

Finally the BIGGEST waste of an awesome name for a movie…

1. Armageddon (1997)- The title of this movie was the only good thing going for it!  When previews of the movie were first released I was thinking of good vs. evil, Satan vs. God.  An Apocalyptic battle with fire, destruction was surely to be included…NOT! This movie was simply a joke that took perhaps the coolest name ever!

What did I miss?

Global Warming-Really?

Okay, so one side tries to give a “doom and gloom” version the direction the earth is heading. The other side wants us to believe that we are just following a normal cycle that is running its course.

More on Global Warming… Global Warming

Global Warming

Why Everything in Superfreakonomics About Global Warming Is Wrong

Global Warming:No Urgent Danger

What do you think? Are we experiencing unusual change or are we on a normal cycle?

Top Ten feelings

I am trying to expand my thought process a bit. This might include sharing some nonsensical thoughts as they come to mind. I hope you don’t mind? Some feelings or related to…


1- Orga.. (fill in the missing letters).

2- Runners high

3- Scratching an itch-( maybe the  inside of the ear with q-tip?)

4- A rush– (A fast ride i.e. roller coaster etc.)

5- Sneezing

6- Feeling of giving

7- Hugs

8- Relief after a moment of being frightened. (maybe your child was out of sight for a few moments and was found, Whew!)

9- Being scared, why I am not certain but we do like to be scared…movies etc.

10- Happiness

Silly? Some yes! Tomorrow my list could change.

Anything to add?



“Our attitude toward our own culture has recently been characterized by two qualities, braggadocio and petulance. Braggadocio — empty boasting of American power, American virtue, American know-how — has dominated our foreign relations now for some decades. Here at home — within the family, so to speak — our attitude to our culture expresses a superficially different spirit, the spirit of petulance. Never before, perhaps, has a culture been so fragmented into groups, each full of its own virtue, each annoyed and irritated at the others.” -Boorstin

10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids

Found this in The Natural Child Project:


1. Hitting children teaches them to become hitters themselves. Extensive research data is now available to support a direct correlation between corporal punishment in childhood and aggressive or violent behavior in the teenage and adult years. Virtually all of the most dangerous criminals were regularly threatened and punished in childhood. It is nature’s plan that children learn attitudes and behaviors through observation and imitation of their parents’ actions, for good or ill. Thus it is the responsibility of parents to set an example of empathy and wisdom.
2. In many cases of so-called “bad behavior”, the child is simply responding in the only way he can, given his age and experience, to neglect of basic needs. Among these needs are: proper sleep and nutrition, treatment of hidden allergy, fresh air, exercise, and sufficient freedom to explore the world around him. But his greatest need is for his parents’ undivided attention. In these busy times, few children receive sufficient time and attention from their parents, who are often too distracted by their own problems and worries to treat their children with patience and empathy. It is surely wrong and unfair to punish a child for responding in a natural way to having important needs neglected. For this reason, punishment is not only ineffective in the long run, it is also clearly unjust.
3. Punishment distracts the child from learning how to resolve conflict in an effective and humane way. As the educator John Holt wrote, “When we make a child afraid, we stop learning dead in its tracks.” A punished child becomes preoccupied with feelings of anger and fantasies of revenge, and is thus deprived of the opportunity to learn more effective methods of solving the problem at hand. Thus, a punished child learns little about how to handle or prevent similar situations in the future.
4. The phrase “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is not from the Bible but from Samuel Butler’s “Hudibras”, a 17th Century satirical poem. The poem, like his novel, The Way of All Flesh, was written to expose and denounce violence against children.
While the “rod” is mentioned many times in the Bible, it is only in the Book of Proverbs that this word is used in connection with parenting. The book of Proverbs is attributed to Solomon, an extremely cruel man whose harsh methods of discipline led his own son, Rehoboam, to become a tyrannical and oppressive dictator who only narrowly escaped being stoned to death for his cruelty. In the Bible there is no support for harsh discipline outside of Solomon’s Proverbs. By contrast, the writings in the Gospels, the most important books in the Bible for Christians, contain the teachings of Jesus Christ, who urged mercy, forgiveness, humility, and non-violence. Jesus saw children as being close to God, and urged love, never punishment.3
5. Punishment interferes with the bond between parent and child, as it is not human nature to feel loving toward someone who hurts us. The true spirit of cooperation which every parent desires can arise only through a strong bond based on mutual feelings of love and respect. Punishment, even when it appears to work, can produce only superficially good behavior based on fear, which can only take place until the child is old enough to resist. In contrast, cooperation based on respect will last permanently, bringing many years of mutual happiness as the child and parent grow older.
6. Many parents never learned in their own childhood that there are positive ways of relating to children. When punishment does not accomplish the desired goals, and if the parent is unaware of alternative methods, punishment can escalate to more frequent and dangerous actions against the child.
7. Anger and frustration which cannot be safely expressed by a child become stored inside; angry teenagers do not fall from the sky. Anger that has been accumulating for many years can come as a shock to parents whose child now feels strong enough to express this rage. Punishment may appear to produce “good behavior” in the early years, but always at a high price, paid by parents and by society as a whole, as the child enters adolescence and early adulthood.
8. Spanking on the buttocks, an erogenous zone in childhood, can create in the child’s mind an association between pain and sexual pleasure, and lead to difficulties in adulthood. “Spanking wanted” ads in alternative newspapers attest to the sad consequences of this confusion of pain and pleasure. If a child receives little parental attention except when being punished, this will further merge the concepts of pain and pleasure in the child’s mind. A child in this situation will have little self-esteem, believing he deserves nothing better. For more on this topic, see “The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children” (also in French).
Even relatively moderate spanking can be physically dangerous. Blows to the lower end of the spinal column send shock waves along the length of the spine, and may injure the child. The prevalence of lower back pain among adults in our society may well have its origins in childhood punishment. Some children have become paralyzed through nerve damage from spanking, and some have died after mild paddlings, due to undiagnosed medical complications.
9. Physical punishment gives the dangerous and unfair message that “might makes right”, that it is permissible to hurt someone else, provided they are smaller and less powerful than you are. The child then concludes that it is permissible to mistreat younger or smaller children. When he becomes an adult, he can feel little compassion for those less fortunate than he is, and fears those who are more powerful. This will hinder the establishment of meaningful relationships so essential to an emotionally fulfilling life.
10. Because children learn through parental modeling, physical punishment gives the message that hitting is an appropriate way to express feelings and to solve problems. If a child does not observe a parent solving problems in a creative and humane way, it can be difficult for him to learn to do this himself. For this reason, unskilled parenting often continues into the next generation.
Gentle instruction, supported by a strong foundation of love and respect, is the only truly effective way to bring about commendable behavior based on strong inner values, instead of superficially “good” behavior based only on fear.

Life Outside of Earth

Often I will put down random dribble that has nothing to with anything and greenymy dribble today is no different. A random thought that I and probably most have thought of during their time on the planet earth….is there life on other planets? I am the guy that has to see it to believe it. I don’t believe in little green men and and other space creatures.

Interesting…Yes. Realistic…NO!

Possibly wishful thinking to believe in little creatures from Mars?

What do you think? Or do you really give a sh!*?

For or against

A random thought….

Are you pro-life and pro-death penalty?

Are you pro-choice and against the death penalty?

Does that confuse you as much as it does me?


Death Penalty

Do you believe in the Death Penalty?


If an individual has been found guilty of murder in the 1st degree, should that individual be allowed to live? I am torn on this one. These individuals that spend YOUR dollars to be in prison for many years after they have committed a horrific crime of murder. Some say having the death penalty deters crime and keeps expense lower. Others will say it is inhuman and worse of all what if the individual was innocent? What do you think? Death Penalty or Not? For more information visit The Death Penalty Information Center.

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